Raindrops & Kindness – How a tiny thing can make a big difference — 6 Comments

  1. This is something I have been trying to do for May – secret kindness missions! It’s nice to actively look to try to find how I can help others.

    I’ve been noting these kindness acts in my journal along with things I’m grateful for that day, it’s making a really lovely record of so much love between friends and family.

  2. Kindness costs nothing. In business we see so many new start-ups that need a little advice. Why charge for it? Spread the knowledge for free and one day when you need kindness someone will remember you helped and will oblige back x

  3. We have to drive down a narrow road to get from our house to the main road,one day I saw a man on the path outside his house, he smiled, I waved,I drove on. My son sitting next to me said, who is that, I told him, I haven’t got a clue. So why did you wave, I said because he smiled,I wanted to acknowledge him. Not ignore him. I then told him if you smile at someone they will almost always smile back, so he tried it, and later that day he comes to me and says “it works”

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