πŸ‘‰ Do you wish you could be confident?

πŸ‘Š Would you like more confidence to smash that thing that you really would like to do, yet find that something is holding you back..you are just not sure what?

πŸ‘ Would you like to learn some simple confidence hacks that can change your thinking, increase your confidence levels and give you to the motivation to get up off your bum and just do it! (Whatever that is…fill in the blank)

Well the good news is 🎺🎺🎺 It’s coming….Colita’s Confidence Masterclass – 90mins of Kickass Confidence tips and tricks ……I am just adding the final sprinkles, glittery bits and checking the icing is set!


colitas confidence masterclass colita dainton success coach litabix

In this Masterclass, I will share with you my F.A.S.T technique to building confidence.

You will learn what confidence really is and isn’t!

Plus you will learn & practice multiple exercises to grow your confidence, increase your motivation and stop procrastinating, the tools I use daily with my coaching clients.

I am planning to run this Masterclass live online via Zoom, 90mins, 28th July, 10.30am and if you pre-subscribe, you can get your place for a silly price of Β£19 normal price Β£47…. (if you would prefer a live face to face session let me know)

No pre-recording, you can ask questions, pick my brains and get what you need for you.

Let me know you if are interested….there is nothing to pay today ….just subscribe register your interest.

What if you gave yourself the gift of confidence, what could that do for you in work? With your friends? Relationships?

Colita’s Confidence Masterclass – 90 mins of Kick Ass Confidence Tips register your interest and I will make sure you are the first to know when the tickets are launched.

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