Kick Start Session

Feel unsure of what u need? Want to explore an issue that’s been bugging you? Stuck behind what feels like a wall – try a power hour coaching session. 60 mins online solution focused Coching session. Great for accountability or clarity. Ideal if you just need a boost of motivation or confidence and just need a quick fix. Ideal for carrying a negative feeling or emotion possibly a phobia or blockage that stops you moving forward in your life. Want a content free solution that will move you forward quickly book like to work face to face or online? Choose the Kick Start session


Release session

Need an emotional clear out and wanting to let go of emotional baggage.  Need to let go of anger, hurt, guilt, fear or sadness? Want to remove the internal negative chatter that holds you back ask for the release session.


Transformational Day

Want to make changes and let go of emotional ties that hold you down. Know that something needs to change and reset just not quite sure what exactly that is. Carrying emotional baggage and trauma that deep down you know restricts every aspect of your life.  Chose a transformational day


Full breakthough session

Feel like you need a complete overhaul and need to make changes to succeed in your life. Know that there are negative emotions, anxiety and internal chatter holding you back. Want to make serious life changes and need this now.  


3-6 Month Coaching

Feel like you need support and to make changes and want this to be a journey rather than a sprint. Want to examine a range of areas in your life that need changing rather extend this over a 3/6month coaching package    

£750 – £1500

What I do?

I am a qualified MASTER NLP Coach & Practitioner, who practices Timeline Therapy, Hypnosis and Kinetic Shift (an energy based technique) plus a technique called OldPain2Go.

NLP stands for Neuro Linguist Programming, which is basically a manual for the mind. I use a range of coaching tools and techniques to help you explore the blockages, negative emotions, phobias and issues and help them to leave and be replaced with a more positive and beneficial intention. My job is to teach you about NLP and how you can take control of your thoughts and actions to achieve the results you desire.

I will strive to help you Remove beliefs that have been unhelpful and prevented forward progress, replacing the negative, unhelpful way you speak to yourself with positive, encouraging conversation instead. Help you settle internal conflicts that prevent clarity of thought and vision, helping you reach decisions quicker and easier and with more conviction.
Gain freedom from your personal baggage & negative emotions such as sadness, hurt, anger, guilt and fear that may be lingering from the past that hindering you from moving forward in your life and relationships. Help you to understand your true values and align them to your goals. Enabling you to spend time on the things that ignite your passion, create happiness and make progress toward your life goals. Teach you to take back control of your thoughts and behaviours, making them positive and nourishing for you so they motivate and energise you toward your life goals.
Help you gain clarity and focus on your goals, really understanding what is important to you and building a worthwhile, compelling goal that you strive to achieve.

I have worked with a range of people from all walks of life, children and adults. Each person is unique and examples of previous clients work include anxiety, confidence, nerves, problems including fear of driving, passing exams, presenting to an audience. I also deal with relationship issues, guilt, sadness and the list goes on.
My job is to be my clients fan, confidant, arse kicker. To listen and be there if needed. To enable you to explore in a safe environment, I will challenge thinking and never ask you to do anything you didn’t want to do. I continually ask my clients to score themselves whilst working together to enable us to keep an eye on your success. I will ask you to set a goal(s) and work with you to achieve this.

I have a range of tools within my tool kit and will use whatever we require to achieve the desired results, although the results are determined by the commitment and effort applied by the client.  Sometimes a conversation is enough others require NLP techniques, hypnosis or Kinetic shift.  You are in control and I will not use any technique you are uncomfortable with.

Kinetic Shift deals with more specific one off issues and stands for Location and shifting the feelings you are experiencing, replacing them with more helpful results. Old Pain 2 Go removes long standing chronic pain that should have long left. Also works with Fibro, old inury pain and more.

How it works

The process is a simple conversation with a little sprinkling of magic mixed in. It Is content free and solution focused, i.e. I don’t need to know where the problem can from, just what you want to achieve. I would never force you into a situation that is linked to any issue. If you decide to work with me, I will ask you to complete tasks and be 100% honest with me. What is said in a session, stays within our session.
A session can be face to face, on Skype or Zoom or on the phone 1:1 coaching – minimum session time is 90 minutes plus it depends on the work we have to do. A typical face to face will average 1.5 to 2 hours. Timeline Therapy™ is a longer session type normally a minimum of 5 hours. We will always discuss the time required to find the best solution for you.

My commitment to you is to listen and prepare for our sessions whilst using tools, techniques and challenges that will help you, we set the objectives at the beginning of working together.  All I ask is that you come with an open mind.  I will fully explain NLP and how your mind works. I want you to consider what you want to achieve from working with me.

I offer you complete support and can be accessed at any time via email, mobile, text, or Whatsapp or Facebook messenger.

Our sessions are confidential and stay between you and I. This would only deviate if I felt you were at risk.  I will keep you safe at all times, before, during and after our sessions.

The sessions are set at dates and times to suit us both. 

I will always endeavour to meet your requirements. We can agree set times and dates, or keep them flexible depending on your lifestyle and commitments.

I have a suitable venue to meet in Abergavenny.  I will happily travel to you too (mileage is additional charge of 0.45p a mile), we can also meet in coffee shops etc whatever you feel comfortable with, although I prefer this option when we have nailed the issue.

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