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Coaching Packages – Executive & Life Coaching – Your Journey, My Guidance


Let go of negative emotions that are holding you back


Help you find your way when feeling lost


Build your Confidence & Self Esteem


Reduce Anxiety, Stress & Negativity


Small Business Coaching – Motivation, Creativity, Sales, Networking, Confidence


Build Presentation skills & confidence


Remove Phobia’s, Fears, Limiting Beliefs, Trauma, & so much more

Talking Therapy Session

Talk to me and let me listen to you. This session is designed to allow you a space to air your thoughts, feelings and just be listened to. Sometimes we just need someone to listen without judgement. A stranger can make the best offload tool. There is no promise of solutions in this session, just a space for you for 30mins to talk.


Super Power Coaching

Book your £99 Super Power Coaching Session now. Let me help you find solutions to your issues or remove those blocks that are holding you back.  Make sure you bring a drink, a pen and paper and get ready for action.

Pay as you go option.


Let’s do this!


Release Session (TFT)

Got a problem, perhaps a trigger or an emotional feeling that you just can’t seem to shake?  Want to remove the internal negative chatter that holds you back ask for the release session. My release session will help you to find those solutions you seek. Book a free discovery call if you want to check this is the right session for you.


TFT – Thought Field Therapy is an amazing therapy that includes tapping energy points on your body to remove triggers, anxiety, blockages, anger, frustration, and so many more other issues. It is a simple yet effective therapy to help you move forward…quite often we don’t even have to discuss the cause, we just find the solution…this session is held over Zoom and will last roughly for 90mins,


Hypnotherapy Session

Hypnosis can be used to help a number of issues. This pure state of focus allows you to make unconscious changes in all areas of your life and is a great relaxation tool. Clients work with me to reduce fears, phobias, weight loss, self confidence, motivation, stress management and more.

This session is also perfect for some me time, let me take you to your favourite place and enjoy the chance to rejuvenate, refresh and relax.  Please allow 90mins for this session which is held over Zoom, face to face option is available. 

Please feel free to book a free discovery call to discuss your requirements.



Phobia Fixer

Living with a phobia isn’t funny! Perhaps you need to attend the dentist or get an important vaccination?  Maybe you just want to walk in the local park and the dogs make it unbearable. Whatever the phobia, I will work with you to eliminate it and give you back your life and freedom.

This package offers you a maximum of three sessions (most people use two…) and I will work with you to remove the phobia and make sure that is has gone…we can use a number of techniques depending on what works for you as everyone is different.

Just imagine being able to get on that plane and fly ..or being able to walk into a crowded space without running away…what would getting rid of your phobia mean for your life?

Book a discovery and let me share with you how this could work for you.


Kinetic Shift Session

Have an uncomfortable feeling that isn’t serving you?  A Kinetic Shift session could be your answer.  Kinetic Shift is a way that we use your feelings and emotions to change how you are feeling about certain situations.  This proven technique delivers excellent results in a speedy time. It is content free, I really don’t need to know, it gets right to the centre of the problem and allows you to let it go.

Please feel free to book a free discovery call to discuss your requirements.


Discover Yourself...Coaching Package

This is a 4 session coaching package Including Time Line Therapy.  This includes face-to-face meetings, fortnightly support, unlimited text support and accountability when you need it and of course can be extended as you wish.

I will design a personal coaching plan determined by your dreams/goals/needs.

This package would is perfect if you wish to explore anxiety, depression and negative mind chatter.

Working together we explore blocks and hurdles that stop you from getting what you want in your business or life? Would you like to work on a specific target or perhaps some personal development just for you.  I believe you have all the resources you need within yourself, perhaps you just need a coach to support you and bring out the best in you?


Get in touch and let’s start planning!


Find Yourself...6 Coaching Session Package

Feel like you need support and to make changes and want this to be a journey rather than a sprint. Want to examine a range of areas in your life that need changing? Have a goal in your mind and need some help to achieve and deliver, whilst making personal change and addressing areas of your life that currently aren’t working for you? Perhaps you want to explore the scared you, the needy you.  To let go of anger and resentment. Understand your self-worth and have the confidence to walk your path. Perhaps your money blocks or perceived value?

This package would include 6 full sessions, with a minimum of 2 hrs a session, Support via Whatsapp with a fortnightly check-in, and can include Values, Values Level thinking, Time Line Therapy, Removing your Limiting beliefs, Writing and setting a goal and placing that in your unconscious mind to chase the results that you want. I utilise all tools available to me. 

This would include tasks and my full support and is not exclusive to the above details, this package would be tailored specifically to suit your needs and requirements.   

Book a discovery and let me share with you how this could work for you.


Full Breakthrough Session

Feel like you need a complete overhaul and need to make changes to succeed in your life. Know that there are negative emotions, anxiety and internal chatter holding you back. Want to make serious life changes and need this now.  

This session is the Ultimate Transformational Package…just for you.


This is the package for those who wish to make serious changes in all areas of their lives.  With this package you work with me on all areas of your life and this will consist of minmium 72 hours worth of coaching & support together plus additional support as required.  We work closely together, to achieve your goals, remove fears, self sabotage & blocks and enable you to make a life changing transformation….oh and it involves some serious work (all sprinkled with fun and laughter).


This is only for those serious about making real change and the transformation will be personally tailored to you.

With this VIP package, comes clarity, confidence, self assurance & a whole new way of looking at life!



How it works

The process is a simple conversation with a little sprinkling of magic mixed in. It is content free and solution focused, i.e. I don’t need to know where the problem came from, just what you want to achieve. You are always in control. If you decide to work with me, I will ask you to complete tasks and be 100% honest with me. What is said in a session, stays within our session.

A coaching session can be face to face, on Zoom or on the phone 1:1 coaching – session times are a guide only, depending on the work we have to do. I don’t work to the hour, I work to find your solution.

My commitment to you is to listen and prepare for our sessions whilst using tools, techniques and challenges that will help you, we set the objectives at the beginning of working together.  All I ask is that you come with an open mind.  I will fully explain NLP and how your mind works. I want you to consider what you want to achieve from working with me.

The coaching package you chose will determine how closely we work together.  For some a one-off session works,  for others who need or want longer support, a package is ideal. I can tailor a package to suit you and your budget.

The sessions are set at dates and times to suit us both. 

I will always endeavour to meet your requirements. We can agree set times and dates, or keep them flexible depending on your lifestyle and commitments.

I have a suitable venue to meet in Abergavenny.  I will happily travel to you too (mileage is additional charge of 0.45p a mile), we can also meet in coffee shops etc whatever you feel comfortable with, although I prefer this option when we have nailed the issue.

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