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“Take the first step…doesn’t matter whatever the shoe you wear, just take the step”

– Colita Dainton





Taa Daaaa here I am!

Hello, thank you for visiting, I am Colita Dainton aka Litabix and I am pleased to make your acquaintance, although you may need to drop me an email so I know who I am talking to 🙂 I have a genuine passion for people, problem-solving, and fun.  A wife, mother, and businesswoman.  I am used to juggling many balls and am slowly clocking up years of experience!

My mission and what I love is to help people succeed, this is my passion and the driving force that helped me to decide to become a full time coach.

I help people like you achieve success, find their own answers and motivations to life’s little (which actually are massive) issues!

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My Latest Blogs

Self Care Is The Critical Battery Booster For Life

Self Care Is The Critical Battery Booster For Life

Have you checked your self-care and battery levels recently? We as humans can be likened to a battery cell...sometimes we need a re-charge & to practice self-care... We are all busy and self-care goes out of the window, meaning our battery levels drop.  Sometimes...

A Goal, A Dream, Focus – Happy New Year

A Goal, A Dream, Focus – Happy New Year

Wow it's 2020! Happy New Year to you, do you have a  goal, dream or new year resolution? A traditional time of new starts, dreams, resolutions, goals and focus.  A clean page to write a new story...and what's stopping you? Your resolutions, goals or dream doesn't have...

Sunday Share – Using planes like trains

Sunday Share – Using planes like trains

It's Sunday and I am sneaking a quiet five minutes. The house is still and I am reflecting on a busy week, so I thought I would share. I share a very special place with my clients.  They allow me in to their private word and we work together to help them find their...

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