Have you lost your confidence? 

Dreaming of passing that driving test, exam or getting that promotion?

Feel like you are stuck without a voice, suffer with nerves, anxiety or unable to face that challenge, you know the one.

Know its time to change, unsure how?

I know it’s scary, you can and I will guide you.  We work at your pace. Let me show you how you can become that version of you that you secretly dream of. 

  • Not quite hitting the grade?
  • Figures down again?
  • Out of ideas how to nail that target?
  • Staff member not using that potential you can see?
  • Customer Service left the building?


Why not use Litabix?

  • Soft Skills Development
  • Sales Success.
  • Staff Coaching
  • Business Development.
  • Social Media.

Phobia stopping you from living a normal life?

Feeling stuck or a little bit lost?

Need to improve your mojo or nail that fantastic new job?

Need to chill and get your head together?

Why not try getting real with Litabix.


If you are looking for an awesome coach to support and guide you, you are in the right place!