Budgie for lunch?…..Question what is your favourite choice for lunch on a Sunday?

A quiet Sunday lunch is not quite the same when there is Budgie on the menu……..

Budgie for lunch litabix blog post colita dainton

I heard an almighty noise, something was happening.

As I looked out of the window all looked calm, yet too quiet then I spotted it…

A most beautiful sparrow hawk, panting for breath on the floor of next door’s garden.

Now I knew the reason for the silence, in the neighbours garden is an aviary filled with brightly coloured budgies and canaries who sing all day, every day unless, it seems,  they appear to be singled out as lunch.

The noise was the sparrow hawk attacking the wire mesh…it must be like walking past a cake shop, starving hungry and all you can see is the window filled with beautiful colourful pastries and sweet treats, but you being unable to enter as the door is locked.

(You can learn more about the sparrow hawk here, mine was a female)


budgie for lunch sparrow hawk and cakes colita dainton litabix blog

The sparrow hawk was clearly hungry and she tried with all her might to catch a budgie without any luck.

I opened the window and disturbed the hawk, he flew away at speed, and then I noticed….

The budgies were all frozen…..no movement from any of them, scattered around the aviary on individual branches, no sounds, other than a very gentle tweet every now and again.  I imagined them to be saying in a whisper “has it gone, can we move”.

They stayed frozen for at least 20 minutes or more, the fear instilled by the attack had literally frozen them to the spot.

The only problem was they were actually totally safe.

The wire mesh of the aviary was no match for the sparrow hawk, he could see them and repeatedly dived at them but couldn’t reach them at all.

Inside the aviary, the birds had inside areas where they could go and not even be seen… Yet here they were frozen to their branches, not moving an inch.

It’s funny how we can experience fear and freeze on the spot, when you look at the bigger picture, there is nothing to be scared of as you are truly safe.

We protect ourselves from attacks and imaginary things, sometimes making us freeze in life, making time stand still and holding back our enjoyment, pleasure and just enjoying life. When in reality we are perfectly safe, the threat isn’t real.

The good news is, there is a different way.  With my fast fixer model, we take a look at the bigger picture, realise the wire protects us and there is no need to fear.  We explore ways to let go of the fear and move forward flying freely as we should.

Perhaps you would benefit from exploring the fear that holds you back, maybe a coach like me could help you see that you too are safe, and that time and life can start again.

What if you stopped the fear from holding you back, how could life be different?

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