FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real

Isn’t it amazing how we let things stop us from doing the very thing we want to do?

How we talk ourselves out of doing things.

How we never change things and yet expect different results.

What if we opted to change that?

What if we decided that the scary thing was just a protection mechanism and the stories we tell ourselves are actually fairy tales, and with a story and a fairy tale you can change the ending, you can change the characters, you could do something differently?

You can recognise the FEAR and look it straight in the face.  Why let fear stop you when there is a wealth of life to live out there?

What if I gave you permission to wear an invisible cloak that protected you and kept you safe …what would you do if you were braver?

What if you stop your mind racing and ask yourself the question “What is the worst that can happen”? and then actually, take the time to notice the answers and pay attention to the opportunity that you could and should take?

How could you set yourself free?…..maybe you already have?

If you need a tour guide to help you find your magic cloak, to stop the fear and get rid of that false evidence, give me a shout. As a coach I can not only give you a magic cloak, I will make sure you get to wear it 🙂

Could you share a story with me, where you decided to just go for it and things really did work out for the best?

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