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It’s Sunday and I am sneaking a quiet five minutes. The house is still and I am reflecting on a busy week, so I thought I would share.

I share a very special place with my clients.  They allow me in to their private word and we work together to help them find their solutions.  I have met some truly inspiring ladies this week.  They are strong women (may not feel like it) but i listen in awe to their strength, determination and journey to find purpose, clarity and definitely sorting their shit out.  By the way, I meet with super amazing men too, just happens this week has been all about the girls!

I have been working with my oldest client this week, 90 years young! I asked her to tell me a bit about herself and the one element that stuck in my mind was her off the cuff remark “oh yes I like to be active, I use planes like trains!” This not only made me smile, it really sat within in me. I for one, know that I don’t!

The old issue we needed to fix started in India, when I may add she was in her 80’s.  The issue was a fear of open spaces and falling.  Now for a lady who jumped on planes like trains and doesn’t like to stop, this was causing a little frustration.  So we set to work and after a session with me, we are well on our way to waving this issue out the door.  She has reported back to me, a new feeling of calm, the previous apprehension seems to have vanished and her Tai Chi balance was vastly improved. Her real test is managing the stairs in Debenhams or the theatre without the rail. (I must say her doctor, advised her that her issue was all in her head!)

Now I could rave about how we worked together and what a great coach I am.  That’s true but hang on a minute.  This lady is 90.  She travels all over the world on planes and trains, she volunteers in a charity shop, she does Tai Chi.  She told me that her Tai Chi move involves bringing her leg up towards her chest, holding then kicking out sideways.  I struggle balancing on one leg!  She recognised that something was holding her back, she found me, picked up the phone and got it sorted! Inspirational.

We can all use excuses, blame others and waste precious life.  Put it off till tomorrow, beat ourselves up for all the should have’s.  Or we can dare to be accountable.  Recognise we have stuff holding us back and get it sorted.  You could get a coach, you could use a trusted friend, you just have to start something.  Actually making the decision that I am not allowing this anymore, and turning our focus onto what we want is powerful stuff.  It is like magic.  I am not saying it is easy, I am not saying it is an overnight fix, what i am saying is that every journey starts with an initial step.

You can be whatever you choose to be and can do whatever you want, the sky is the limit, whether jetting on a real plane or writing your goal on a paper one.  Where could you fly??

Why not share your thoughts with me?  What would you love to do? Where could you fly?  I would love to read your thoughts, leave me a comment below.

If this has inspired you or made you think, I need to sort my shit out, get in touch and we can explore your journey 🙂

Make today a great day 🙂

Keep smiling

Colita x