Goal Focus Dreams Happy New Year

Wow it’s 2020! Happy New Year to you, do you have a  goal, dream or new year resolution?

A traditional time of new starts, dreams, resolutions, goals and focus.  A clean page to write a new story…and what’s stopping you?

Your resolutions, goals or dream doesn’t have to be huge.  A small set of tiny step’s can make a massive journey, you just have to take the first step.

When I work with clients, I ask them to write a goal, to consider what they really wish to achieve.  Often we are too scared to admit our wants and dreams.  I see an awkward shift when I push for more information. Yet when they begin to open their minds and dare to share, I often find its all there.  All the beautiful information, detail and depth wrapped up in a mouth watering good description, it’s right there for the taking.

It is my job to help you find the solutions to reach that dream.  I  would encourage you to recognise that behavioural flexibility is key and if you are prepared to flex your attitude, your mindset and how you go about achieving those dreams, more often than not they are then realised, with bells on!!

So, on day one of this brand new year.  I encourage you to dream.   I encourage you to be brave and verbalise what you really want in your life, do not worry about the how you get there.  Concentrate on the what and the why.  The things that make your heart sing, your soul glow and those things that burn deep within your belly.  Go deeper than superficial material things and also make sure you are specific.  I am asking for real detail, colours, numbers, full descriptions as if you were holding that dream in your hand.

What could you write down, after thinking about those things?

How about taking this challenge 

1. I challenge you on this day to write down what you desire or your resolution or goal.

2. Then write down how it would feel to have achieved your goal, resolution or desire. Imagine you are there, in the moment.  What does it feel like, what do you see, what do you hear?

3. Now,  consider what is the very first thing you could do to take a tiny step in the right direction of that dream/goal/resolution success. Take a chance and take a step – take action.

4. Re-read your desires and add some serious details.  Specific details like the type and colour of bricks in your dream home or the colour of that sports car and the model type.  Expand and expand again.

4. Now, what is the next tiny step you could take? Write down those steps. Then take action, get those steps moving and do something.

5. Read, tweak and repeat step four daily or weekly, keep adding the tiny steps, keep taking action, notice any changes and celebrate the successes.  It is proven that what we focus on, we achieve.

6. Let me know how you get on.

Of course, you do not have to do anything ever.  The start of the new year is however you choose it to be.

I do wish you much happiness, success and a healthy 2020.

So, if you need some help with planning your goals, or someone to help you achieve your dreams of 2020 – how about you take the tiny step of using my contact form and we can schedule a free conversation.  I am more than happy to take those steps with you.

May this year be your best ever.