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What do you need to know about coaching & using a coach?

We all have those moments, you know the one where that little voice begins chatting away in your head.  We all talk to ourselves in a way that we would never talk to another human being.  We are rude, belittling, snide, not very nice at all. This self talk leads to feelings and emotions.  Add these into the melting pot of our experiences and we create our life as we know it. 

What do you think & feel?

Those feelings, self talk and emotions can stop us from getting exactly where we want to be.  We are led by our valuesbeliefs, if we believe we can’t, we won’t. We may not even know our true values.

You may have felt this.  Those shaky hands, the swishing in the tummy, the dry throat, that lack of confidence that stops us taking that big brave step.

I know all too well that this can be like a huge cloud that engulfs your every thought and move.  It can stop you and physically affect you.

The good news is, that everybody at one time or another may have experienced this – you are normal.  

The bad news is, if you allow it to continue you could be missing out on so much!

Is coaching scary?

Coaching gives you the opportunity to explore in a safe environment how you can achieve what you truly want.  Then with tools and exercises, smash through those limiting beliefs and feelings and achieve.

Choosing a coach is a personal thing.  You need to feel a connection with your coach.  The relationship is built on trust and you need to feel confident that your coach is right for you. 

You will know the right coach, you may hear the right words, see the right signs or just get a feeling. Trust your gut instinct and go with it. 

Greatest job satisfaction ever!

I feel honored to be chosen as a coach and see that I share a very personal journey.  Your results are my results and to see people achieve and fly is the greatest job satisfaction ever.  

Imagine a life you want, then use a coach to get it…

How would it feel to totally love yourself and worthy of love?

How different could your life be without that guilt?

What would you do if those nervous, anxious feelings weren’t there?

How would it be if you could attend that meeting without the worry and stress?

How would it feel to stand on that stage and deliver your presentation without Fear stopping your words?

What if you could achieve those sales?

How great could life be if you could feel totally in control and empowered to do as you wish?

What would it feel like to be heard? To be taken seriously, to be worthy of success?

How would it be just to wake up and feel energised and ready to tackle the day?

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