Raindrops & Kindness

How a tiny thing can make a big difference

This morning I was on the school run.  It was one of those wet miserable days, the grey clouds hung miserably in the sky. The water droplets not quite big enough for two clicks of the windscreen wipers but enough to obscure the view.   One thing I notice on wet rainy days, is everyone seems to drive to school. The traffic was mayhem, there was vans and cars, buses and madness at every turn. Successfully delivering my not so small child to school, I headed homeward bound.

As I waited in the huge queue of confused traffic I saw a mum. Plastic covered buggy Ladened down with school bags, a gaggle of small children and one small child who was getting a very stern yet wet glare. He was thoroughly enjoying his world, seemingly oblivious in his zipped up blue Mack. He wasn’t bothered that it was raining, nor that his soaked carer seemed overwhelmed with half the neighbourhoods little people under her care. His eyes met hers and without words she beckoned him to her as she was needing to cross the road to the primary school opposite. She was soaking wet and my assumption was she just needed to get them to school. So I stopped, I was sat in my warm car. I could have driven on, what is an additional minute or two? Like a mother duck she gathered her ducklings on the realisation that she could cross the manic traffic, and our eyes met. She gave me the biggest smile and mouthed “thank you so much” just as the little fellow looked at her, as he got level with my number plate he turned and smiled at me, giving me a massive (well quite small but cute) thumbs up. She laughed, I smiled and giggled as he was just big enough to look over my bonnet.

I remember many times, when I’ve been stuck in the rain, soaked to the skin, just wishing someone would stop and let me cross the road, where many drivers in their warm cars, kept driving, not giving a thought for those outside their bubble. Not caring for anyone but themselves and their priorities. I continued my journey back to my desk.

Now,  I didn’t do anything super-hero-ish. I didn’t save a life, or create world peace.  What I did do was make a tiny difference to someone else’s day. In exchange for that brief moment, I got a grateful smile, a cute thumbs up and something to write about. Kindness that cost nothing.

We are all so busy and concerned about ourselves that sometimes we forget about other people’s lives, we forget to consider the wet mum crossing the road, or the colleague who seems a bit down of late. It’s easy to carry on regardless, not our problem.

Just imagine what could happen if we all took a little time for someone else. Next time you feel someone is in need or could be shown a little kindness, stop and help you never know what a tiny thing could do to make someone else’s day. I did!

Have you offered a little bit of kindness, or maybe you have received some, share your story with me in the comments below.

Colita aka Litabix, shares her thoughts, ideas and giggles.
Describing herself as a freelance girl Friday. She can be found helping business succeed in social media, marketing & systems. She also works as an NLP Practitioner using blended Coaching methods for her clients business & personal development.
Colita Dainton
Colita Dainton