Have you checked your self-care and battery levels recently?

We as humans can be likened to a battery cell…sometimes we need a recharge & to practice self-care…

We are all busy and often, self-care goes out of the window, meaning our battery levels drop.  Sometimes we can be running on empty, our busy lives are filled with stress, worry and other things that can all lead to depleted energy and motivation, it is a good thing to stop every once in a while and check our energy levels and notice if your battery needs topping up…that is exactly what I had to do and step up my self-care!

I had to… I recognised that I needed some time out. My stress levels were super high, my brain function super slow and my patience levels non-existent.

My positivity had near enough flat-lined (so not like me) and I just needed to stop and re-evaluate everything.

I’m not alone with these thoughts …

Life has been tough for everyone these past few months (years), the COVID-19 pandemic is something that I could never have imagined, I don’t think I am alone in this thinking.

Suddenly plunged into lockdown, not really knowing what was going on, fear, worry, a recent move to a strange new area.  Being self-employed added strain as I was unsure how I was going to manage financially and mentally. Topped off with a major relationship breakdown it didn’t bode well in hindsight.

We all have our own filters…

We all have our own filters, reasons, and experiences that create how we think, feel, act, and behave day to day.  New Challenges are faced by pulling on past experiences and encounters to find a way forward. The Coronavirus was a new thing for me and many others and how to handle the situation was like fumbling around in the dark with a flat battery in my torch!

Pandemics are tough…

I have yet to meet anyone during the pandemic that hasn’t experienced any type of worry, fear, anxiety, sadness, or stress.   Equally, I have seen love, happiness, support and a sterling effort to keep us all going. The human connection, strength, and determination have shone through the darkness for sure.

Great lesson learned…

One major lesson for me was my personal battery levels and self-care.  To learn that It is ok for me to admit things have been tough, it is ok to admit that this Coach/Person/Mother/Friend has been down in the dumps for a while, life has felt dark and I have questioned my part in the world and what difference I make.

I have been blessed with some really supportive yet gentle people in my life who allowed me time, gave me a boost, and told me it was ok to take time, reset and stop. They saw my grey face, silly mistakes, and sadness but helped to prop me up…for that, I am truly grateful. They encouraged me to look at my battery levels and to start work on re-energizing them the best way that I could.

The world didn’t end…

What I have noticed is that because I took self-care, the world didn’t end, the sun still shone and I kept breathing. Things got sorted, people forgave my distance and the birds still sang.

I practiced self-care by taking some time off work, I walked in the sunshine, I spent a day lazing in bed eating rubbish food, watching soppy films and allowing myself to rest.  I allowed myself to feel, to cry, to process, not to be everyone else’s dumping ground.  I then slept, I ate good food, and I relaxed, I also slowly returned to my normal routine, not too quickly as I knew my battery wasn’t quite 100%.

My top six battery recharge solutions

  1. Permission – give yourself permission to care for yourself. To not work, to stop being the solution provider, to delete negative people.
  2. Notice – be self-aware, notice how you feel, are you irritable, snappy, tired, feeling off or low. Notice your self-talk and language.
  3. Stop – allow yourself time to stop, rest, relax, recuperate. Be selfish and say no.
  4. Share – talk with others, share how you really feel, take the offer of support, dinner, online chats. Journal, draw whatever helps you process thoughts.
  5. Do what you love – I created a playlist on Spotify, I read books, I spoke with friends & loved ones, I walked – do what you love to do.
  6. Be kind – be kind to you, love yourself & do what makes you feel good, and don’t stop too soon (in fact not ever) you matter.

Be honest with yourself…

So, I encourage you to stop and take a look at your battery levels, ask yourself the question “how good has my self-care been?”   Take time to notice if you or someone around you needs a little prop, some support or just a cup of tea….believe me, it makes a massive difference!

A car will never start on a flat battery, why would you?


Get in touch…

Colita Dainton is a Success Coach helping people think differently about their problems and her own!!  To learn more about Colita and her coaching please find her on social media as Litabix or visit www.litabix.com or email coaching@litabix.com

Photo credit to @blessingmanifesting