The power of believing that you can improve in any way is a strong force.

We all use words….we can’t,  not communicate and sometimes we don’t even need words to get our message across….you know the look your mother gave you…yes that!

Have you stopped recently to consider your language and the words you use  and the impact they have on you personally and in your daily life?

Our self-talk plays a massive part in how we feel, how our body behaves, what action we take and often what action we don’t take, as the self-talk hinders our self-belief.

Knowledge is power and when you have the power,  believing that you can improve, coupled with shaking up the words you use, it can make life-changing differences.

the power of believing you can improve the power of yet

Carol Dweck shares her thoughts on the power of believing you can improve in the video below – It’s worth a look!

She highlights the power of the word yet.

When we change our words or add an additional word to a sentence it can make a difference to how we feel about things. 

How we feel feel about things, shifts our body, our breathing our outlook..it is all connected.

We can reframe our negative chatter, hear a new version of events and begin to look for an outcome we want.

Using a tiny little word such as yet, can have a massive impact…..

  • I didn’t get the job……yet
  • I can’t hit my personal best …..yet
  • I don’t fit in ….yet
  • I am not feeling better…yet

By adding the word yet, you begin to reframe the words and it makes them somehow more optimistic or positive.

It offers hope, the encouragement to give it another go, to try again.

It can give the boost of confidence or bravery you need, that little gentle push.

In my coaching sessions, I use the power of yet with many of my clients. 

I truly believe we all have the resources we need within us to be successful and achieve amazing things….perhaps sometimes we just need to explore the option that we may not have done it, just yet.

There is always a way…..you just haven’t found it yet.

Give adding the word ‘yet’ on to your negative chatter and see if it makes a difference to your thinking, how you feel and your outcomes.

Watch Carol Dweck’s video for more insight.


Let me know in what way you have incorporated the word ‘yet’ into your life and the difference it made for you.

I would love to celebrate your success with you 🙂 

Have a great day…choose it that way.


Colita Dainton The Success Coach at Litabix.com. Helping people think differently about their problems. If you are interested in working with me, use the contact form or book a free 30-minute discovery call,it would be great to hear from you.

Success is always the order of the day!